Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magazine: Bilingual Times/Tiempo Bilingüe

Just a really quick post since it’s late, but had to share this one. Bilingual Times is a magazine for children that’s available in print and digital format. The digital version is free at this time.

From the site:

TIEMPO BILINGÜE es una publicación mensual en inglés y en español creada con el objetivo de aportar material de lectura para la práctica de los dos idiomas. Un contenido internacional y multicultural, que incluye noticias, artículos, relatos, juegos de palabras y actividades creativas que despiertan la iniciativa, la imaginación y el poder inventivo natural que todos tenemos.

BILINGUAL TIMES is a monthly publication in English and Spanish. It was created with the idea of bringing reading material to practice both languages. Our scope is international and multicultural; it covers news, stories, games, play on words and creative activities that awaken the initiative, the imagination and the common power of invention we all have.

Enjoy!issue preview

Hat Tip:

Happy Hour Spanish

As usual, I ran across this resource as I was spending a bit of time this Happy Hour Spanish Logomorning on Twitter. Happy Hour Spanish is a fairly new site (2011) that features videocasts, podcasts and exercises to help you learn Spanish and about the Spanish culture.

Hayley, a California native, was a student of Maider who was teaching classes in Bilbao (her native city) when they decided to start the Happy Hour Spanish program. More information from the About Us page:

After becoming fast friends, we decided to embark on creating the ultimate language learning program based on our unique experience in both teaching and learning foreign languages. We have designed Happy Hour Spanish as a program that teaches Spanish grammar while also giving you an immersion-style experience of Spanish culture and the Spanish lifestyle.  We like to say you can consider our program a cross between “Rick Steve’s Europe” and “Rosetta Stone”.  Follow along with us on our video tours throughout Spain and enjoy all the sights and sounds the Iberian Peninsula has to offer while feeling what it is like to be immersed in a foreign language…

With the podcasts, you’ll find transcripts and translations. Accompanying the videocasts are transcripts, translations and printable exercises (beginner and intermediate).

Here is look at one of their videos about La Boqueria in Barcelona:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Art Resources for Children from El Prado

You will find a wealth of information about the works of art on the Museo del Prado website, but I wanted to highlight a resource for children – a series of videos with La Infanta Margarita from the painting Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez. The animated version of Margarita along with her friend, Francisco de Paula act as guides as they share “secrets” of some of the works of art via interactive videos. There are several games available as well.