Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Utubersidad: Educational Videos in Spanish

As I was reading my Facebook page I ran across an announcement from BBCMundo: “Todos los videos educativos en español que se encuentran en You Tube, agrupados y catalogados... Bienvenidos a la Utubersidad.”

Well, that certainly caught my eye and instantly tweeted it, but then I felt this deserved its own blog post.


So far, there are over 8000 videos available covering a variety of topics from architecture to physics, from oceanography to literature. And they’re available for free.

Where to go:
BBC Mundo Facebook


Andrew said...

Oh wow that's awesome! Great find, thanks for sharing. Does it offer subtitles or a transcript? That would be even better.


Karen said...

Not that I know of... certainly geared towards upper intermediate to advanced learners.

Umer said...

This is an achievement indeed. I'm learning Spanish myself and at times it's a problem to find a video related to a specific topic. So this would be of great help.

Thanks a lot for posting.