Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How-to videos in Spanish

Practicopedia.com is chocked-full of videos about how to do everything from packing a suitcase to touring El Prado, from how to transport a pet in your car to how to speak in public.

From the site:

Practicopedia.com es el líder del How-To audiovisual en España con más de un millón de usuarios mensuales. Practicopedia intenta dar solución a los problemas de la vida cotidiana creando contenidos originales, gracias a su equipo de redacción. Practicopedia.com también vigila por la calidad de los contenidos que envían los usuarios y sólo publica aquellos que pasan el filtro por tener los estándares de calidad periodista exigible.

You can also hover your mouse over any word and get the definition – in Spanish, of course. There is also a free iPhone app, so that you can watch the videos wherever you are.

To view more categories: http://categorias.practicopedia.com/

How would you use this site in your classroom?


Bobtart said...

Great blog! I'm learning Spanish for my trip to Argentina using an Eton Institute phrasebook and its going great! This website is a big help as well :)

Ryan said...

I love your Spanish blog. It's been a great resource for me as a student and a fellow blogger. If you want to do any mutual promotions let me know!!!


Kris said...

Seems like it could be pretty helpful.

Richard said...

The ability to use the iPhone app to learn on the go is an excellent feature. Watching videos really gives to an immersion-like experience, which is the best way to learn a language!