Friday, January 17, 2014

Spanish Phone Conversations

While on Twitter, I ran across the Spanish Phone Conversations site from the Defense Language Institute via Kristen at Spanish Is Your Amigo.

Since this was new to me, I thought I had better check it out and write a quick post about it.

So, upon visiting the Spanish Phone Conversations site, you can choose a country which there are only six available (Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Honduras and Argentina), level (2, 2+, 3) and various topics ranging from clothing and working conditions, to education and family life. There are 10 total.

Once you make your choices, you can either listen to the conversation online or download the audio to put on your mp3 player.

There are over 300 phone conversations which should provide plenty of listening comprehension practice. Even though they mention lesson plans, I'm afraid they're not available. In any case, I feel it's still a good site for practicing your Spanish language listening skills.

Spanish Phone Conversations for Improving Your Listening Comprehension

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