Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two blogs - technology and languages

This evening through Twitter I found two wonderful blogs. They talk about using technology in the modern foreign language classroom.

The first one is Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom written by Joe Dale, a French middle school teacher. The second blog is called ICT and Education - Box of Tricks written by José Picardo, a high school foreign language teacher.

Not much else to say except, please go take a look at them. Come back and let me know your opinions. For me, I think it's so important to introduce and integrate technology into the classroom, but as a tool to help students learn, not for the technology itself.


We are Little Amigos said...

Hey Karen, you find the coolest stuff!!! You and I must be riding the same wave length, technology on my mind too, you are making my research a little easier :)


Karen said...

Glad I could help! It gets a bit overwhelming at times though, don't you think?

We are Little Amigos said...


diane said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these links. I had some great access to teaching technology at a private school a few years ago. Then I stayed at home with my boys for a couple years, and started a public school job. I had to go back to whiteboards (and no, they're not at all smart) and overhead projectors. Nooooooo! I've already set up a private edublog for my high school students this year with a little podcasting, to boot. Can't wait to absorb more techie ideas. Just wish it didn't take my brain so long to actually do the absorbing!

Karen said...

¡De nada! :)

I'm always looking for innovative uses for technology in the classroom.

Karen said...

Here's another one: