Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Animate: Teaching tool


Okay, this is my first time making a cartoon at Go Animate.

¿Qué vamos a comer? - What are we going to eat?
Tengo hambre. - I am hungry.
Comer - to eat
Helado - ice cream
Pastel - cake
Arroz con pollo - rice with chicken

There is a way to add sound, but I thought I would keep it simple for my first one.

*It works now. Thanks for your patience!


Tricia said...

I'm getting a "movie not found" message when I try to play it.

Karen said...

I'll try to fix it. Works in Firefox, but not IE or Chrome. Thanks for letting me know. :)

We are Little Amigos said...

got the same message too:

"movie not found"

Can't wait to watch it!

Karen said...

Which browser are you using? IE?

We are Little Amigos said...

It worked!!!

That is so cool!!!! How long did it take you to put that together?

I love how you used repetition :)

Karen said...

It took about an hour and enjoyed doing it. Next I would like to play around with adding my voice.

topsytechie said...

wow - - what a cool tool for teaching spanish!! Couldn't you just see spanish teachers across the country sending emails to their students about their homework for the night - - en espanol??!!

diane said...

I love this! Later this year, I might take my classes to the lab to create French cartoons. How fun! Fantastic find.

Karen said...

It appears they're making an educational version which would be great.

tati said...

This is fun! I'm going to try doing this too! Wow! very cool!