Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free Online Magazine: VeinteMundos

Through the CASLS (Center for Applied Second Language Studies) newsletter I learned about a fairly new online magazine totally in Spanish called VeinteMundos. Here’s the information from their site: portadaVM14_v (1)

Journalists from Spain and Latin America write interesting reports and articles about everyday life and culture in their homelands. Alongside, Latinos tell us about their experiences in Europe, and Europeans and Americans about their experiences and travels in Spain and Latin America –all in Spanish, of course.

The texts are accompanied by key vocabulary and are written in varying degrees of difficulty, so that you can practice and refresh your Spanish in an efficient and enjoyable way.

An issue is released every month, free of charge, which includes a PDF version of the magazine, an audio version and a vocabulary list. Also, there are resources for teachers such as teacher guides, vocabulary lists, mp3s and more.

Where to go:
VeinteMundos for Teachers


Andrew said...

Wow, that's awesome, thank you!

As if I didn't have enough in Spanish to read already! Why are they offering it for free, surely it must cost a decent bit to publish that, even if it is entirely digital?


Anonymous said...

There is so much potential here - I'm really glad you shared this website.

When I checked it out I found the multimedia dictionary for beginner Spanish students. The 400 words have audio, a picture, and the definition - divided either by category or alphabetically.
Since I teach Spanish I, I am equally excited about this. Muchas gracias!

Learning Spanish Grammar said...

Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you.

Mark said...

I am going to be teaching spanish in the fall so this will be a great resource to use with my students!

Sean H., Portland OR said...

I might go for it and even contribute. My friend Ada Manrique, and she currently works at a place called Portland In Spanish, where she slaves away all day translating documents! When she went to the US, she imagined an easy life - now she is working harder than her siblings.

I'd like to order this for her to remind her all of us back in Peru. Love you Ada! Miss you!

Corey Heller said...

This is so fantastic!

I saw your post about this before but now that we have some Spanish under our belt, I'm appreciating your resources more and more.

Every time I come here I find something interesting, useful and fascinating!


VeinteMundos - La revista para mejorar tu español said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! We are constantly striving to improve our product, in order to make it easier for people to learn Spanish.
Exciting news: Very recently we have launched our completely redesigned wepbage - please have a look!
We now feature more useful learning tools, and we provide an in-depth view of all the Spanish-speaking countries in the world!

We are always happy to hear your feedback:

Saludos a todos y todas,

El equipo de VeinteMundos