Monday, February 14, 2011

Website: Practica Español

I’m again amazed at the amount and quality of free learning materials that are available to the Spanish language student. In my weekly CASLS (Center for Applied Second Language Studies) email newsletter, I ran across this wonderful resource – Practica Español. From the site:

Dispones de una variedad de contenidos con diferentes temáticas: ESPAÑA, MUNDO, DEPORTES, ENTRETENIMIENTO, VIAJES, SALUD, NEGOCIOS, CULTURA, CIENCIA y GASTRONOMÍA.

Todos los contenidos tienen soporte en TEXTO, SONIDO E IMÁGENES (Video y/o Fotografía). Lo que te permite LEER, ESCUCHAR, PRACTICAR, APRENDER Y PARTICIPAR a través de los ejercicios que te proponemos.

And here’s their video:

Where to go:
Practica Español
Center for Applied Second Language Studies


Umer said...

Hi. I've learned Spanish exclusively through the internet and it's indeed great to see so much material that can help students to learn Spanish. Another thing that has helped me a lot is watching Spanish films and reading literature.


Darlene said...

Great site to learn Spanish. I have used the Cervantes Institute for online learning and it was good. I hope to take the level C DELE exam this year. I have many Spanish friends so I have opportunity to practice, however, like some of my ESL students I am afraid of making mistakes when speaking. I will try this website to improve my grammar and listening skills so maybe I can speak without fear one day. It's great to see other English speakers learning the beautiful Spanish language. Thanks for posting this link.

Geri said...

Hi. I have learnt Spanish and still but I haven't known Practica Español, so thank you! :) At the moment I use livemocha and I love it because I can speak with native speakers all over the world for free. You might suggest this site to your readers too. :)


briannel said...

It was great to learn about this website that offers so many opportunities to interact with the Spanish language and what's going on in Spanish-speaking counties. I never heard of "Practica Espanol" before, but now I have this resource I can use to further my Spanish language development. Also, this is a website that I'll even share with my students. Thanks for posting!