Monday, March 25, 2013

Exercise Videos in Spanish

Challenge your mind and your body by exercising using Spanish language workout routines.

Recently I was browsing one of my favorite YouTube channels, OnceTV México, when I saw a show called Energía. This caught my eye because I work out at least five times a week and am always looking for new routines.

When I googled the show, I discovered that not only do they have regular exercise shows (cardio & strength), but also yoga, pilates, and a couple of other types as well. 

Del sitio

Energía invita a las mujeres a conservar su salud física y mental mediante distintas técnicas para realizar en casa sin necesidad de aparatos o equipo especial. Se busca con ello un equilibrio en la relación con el cuerpo y el bienestar al reforzar aspectos espirituales, de fuerza muscular y cuidado cardiaco. 

Have fun working out your Spanish language skills and your body!


By the way, I discovered the videos by browsing the channel's upload feed


Andrew said...

Excellent idea, Karen, thanks. Tweeted!


Karen said...

Thanks, Andrew!

suzanne said...

What a great idea, i've never thought of working out to a Spanish dvd or program. I try to exercise at home a few times a week too and usually grab half an hour while my little one has a nap so there's no set time for me. So get fit and learn Spanish at the same time...great!

Thanks Suzanne

Lacy said...

Love the idea! Another opportunity of immersion.