Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let’s go shopping

Okay, not really, but how about we do some window-shopping online. I think it’s a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary and it’s pretty fun at the same time.

El Corte Inglés is a very large department store chain in Spain. When I studied abroad in Zaragoza, I shopped there a couple of times. From juguetes (toys) to zapatos (shoes), they have just about everything—including a supermercado (grocery store). Just have fun browsing around. Oh, and if you look carefully, you’ll find a free online magazine full of beautiful photographs, interesting articles and recetas (recipes).

Speaking of food, grocery store sites are fun to browse. One of my favorites is HEB Mexico. And guess what? You’ll find another free online magazine. Did you find it? I could see this being used in class when talking about food, shopping and even cooking. Maybe even use one of the recipes in class or have students make a dish and bring it in for extra credit.

Did someone mention hardware? How about we visit a ferretería? I didn’t know this, but there are Home Depots in Mexico. You can even thumb through the folleto electrónico. Here’s a hardware store in Spain – Ferretería Esmas. Can you find a martillo?

Well, I think that is enough window-shopping for now. Hasta luego.


diane said...

I love online shopping as a language learning activity. For my high school students, we go grocery shopping at a hypermarket, and clothes shopping at a boutique for dog clothes. (I eliminate the inappropriate lingerie that way . . . there are some risque things, but it's all on dogs, so I figure that get me off the hook!)

Karen said...

Good idea about the dog clothes. :)

Aaron G Myers said...

Great idea. I often encourage learners to use IKEA catalogs because they are filled with pictures of pictures of homes filled to the brim with household objects. Then you can do all sorts of activities to really get a ton of comrehensible input. Lots of pictures. Lots of new vocabulary.