Thursday, May 14, 2009

TED videos in other languages

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an annual conference which is filled with talks by some of the world’s most fascinating people. I have been watching the videos for about two years now and have learned so much. Well, now, they have translated many of their videos in other languages including Spanish.

To watch a video with subtitles, click on the subtitles drop-down menu underneath and simply select a language. You can also click on the Open Interactive Transcript link to the right, click on any phrase to play the video from that point.

Where to go:
About TED:
TED Translations:
TED Translations in Spanish:


Marilyn said...

THANKS for the great link to the TED Talks!

TuSpanish said...

Hi Karen,

I didn't know that some videos where subtitled to Spanish and other languages. This is great news! :)

Hola Karen,

No sabía que algunos de los videos estaban traducidos a español y otros idiomas. Buenas noticias! :)

rupiawan said...

I thank very interested in the Spanish language. With a great video to help me in learning spanish language

NYSTCE test said...

This is the kind of information which is found very rarely.Happy to got it.
thank you