Saturday, June 27, 2009

Around the Twitterverse…

I haven’t had much time to blog, but I’ve run across some great resources just by spending a little time on Twitter the last couple of weeks. Here are some good finds:

RT @josepicardo: New from Boxoftricks: Fun, engaging resources for the independent learner of Spanish

RT @icpjones: World Language Resources --

RT @spanglishbaby: New post about 4 bilingual and Spanish book publishers. Know more? Please leave link in comments

RT @spanishonly: Some interesting articles about Extensive Reading for Second Language Acquisition.

RT @bencurtis: Fun Notes in Spanish video contest, big prizes, spread the word!

RT @yocrezco: Animal Scramble, de Wild Planet

RT @spanglishbaby: Finally found the PBS media player en ESPAÑOL! It’s here:

Ver vs. Mirar

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Katy said...

Hi Karen,
These are such helpful links! I especially like the PBS videos en español. My middle school Spanish students will love these. They always enjoy reverting back to early childhood. Thanks for all the great tips!

Kids Music said...

Good links. I bookmarked this blog for my future reference.
Thanks for sharing.