Sunday, March 6, 2011

New link for thematic units

A reader brought to my attention the fact that the link for my post about free thematic units in Spanish and other languages did not work anymore. After a bit of research, I discovered that the pages were archived. The new link is: 

I will fix the link on the original post, but since I thought this was such a great resource, I thought it deserved a new post as well. Also, I would highly recommend that you download the material to your computer. I will be doing the same. Thanks again, Molly!


Anonymous said...

this is great! I can't believe its free to print off! I've been looking for a curriculum already laid out for years! Thanks so much.

Karen said...

You're welcome! :)

EV Glitters said...

This site you posted was GREAT! I can use it to supplement with my upper level students in my bilingual Spanish class. Thank-You! Even my mom was excited that they had some French options as well!

Mike said...

Always good to find extra resources for our teachers to use.

Clark said...

Thank you for this! This is a very good resources for learning Spanish and its free. This will surely help many students! Keep posting good resources!

JuanP said...

Encontré por casualidad tu blog y me gustó bastante. Me alegra encontrar personas cuyo idioma natal NO es el español y lo quieren aprender y, mejor aún, ¡enseñarlo!
Yo estuve en Londres 6 meses estudiando ingles y espero poder volver el otro año a estudiar un maestría y aunque no voy a estudiar nada relacionado con la enseñanza de idiomas (soy abogado), me gustaría si me es posible dar clases de español mientras hago mi maestría, como una forma de ganar dinero y para ayudar a la difusión de mi idioma. Por eso me gusta encontrar paginas como la tuya de profesores de español no nativos!
Greetings from Colombia!
PD: Whatever I can help you with pleasure! :)