Monday, March 29, 2010

Free thematic units in Spanish and other languages

I was just reading through my CASLS newsletter that I receive once a week via email, when my mouse stopped in its tracks. Here is the article in its entirety:
K-12 Thematic Units Available for Download

The National K-12 Foreign Language Resource unitsCenter is pleased to announce that they have now made available on their website as free Adobe PDF downloads all of their K-12 standards-based thematic units: six in Spanish and three in French, as well as their teacher’s guide to the national Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century. Each may still be purchased at cost in paper format.

Additionally, a new publication, A Thematic Unit: Let’s Go to School in Japan! (Jessica Haxhi, Author), is now available for downloading. DVDs of the accompanying five, one-hour Japanese demonstration classes for fifth and sixth grade students also can be purchased.

Access all of these resources at 
WOW! As soon as I saw this, I had to share. Enjoy!

(Edited 3/6/2011 - updated link)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sending on this information. This is great!

Elaine said...

Awesome! This is great!

Elena said...

Thanks a lot!

though I am not a child, but an adult, who is a beginner in Spanish, I hope to it will be useful for me as well =)

Thanks again!

molly said...

I would love to see the units but the link did not work

molly said...

the link did not work. I would really like to see the units.

Karen said...

I'm wondering if it has something to do with their site... I'll keep checking.

Karen said...

Server timed out errors still... I think I'll email them. This is too good a resource. Thanks again for letting me know.