Saturday, March 6, 2010

Over at the Foreign Language Fun Blog…

This evening I was reading through my blog list when this review at the Foreign Language Fun blog caught my attention. Diane, a French teacher, who is encouraging her sons to learn Spanish as well, wrote a post about Sing-a-Lingo. To me her review has clout because of her background in education and foreign languages.  So, I decided to click on the video:

And I have to admit, I was hooked as well. This music is fun and I could definitely see young children learning Spanish by listening to it.

Where to go:
Foreign Language Fun Blog


Diane said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for the link. My 4 yr. old is crazy for this CD. New phrases keep popping up out of the blue. Yesterday I overheard him saying "Camisas pantalones! Camisas pantalones!" And he loves waving his hands around "manos, manos, manos." Super effective for this age-group!

Nick said...

Funny video! I am going to show my son this. After learning and speaking Japanese for over 10 years I am ready to start learning a new language or two.

At the moment French and Spanish are what I am thinking. I also have had the desire, for a number of years, to learn flamenco guitar. I would love to live in Spain for a few years.