Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catalog of Spanish Voices

First, let me say again, that I love Twitter. Why? Because that’s how I ran across this site Catálogo de voces hispánicas from the Centro Virtual Cervantes. Thanks to Deborah from @bilingualparent for tweeting it!

You’ll find a list of countries with links to various cities within each country. Once you make a selection, then you’re taken to a page with a video of a person from that area speaking. You’ll also find the linguistic characteristics, a transcription of the video and more information about the location including a map.


I can’t wait to explore this site!

Where to go:
Catálogo de voces hispánicas from the Centro Virtual Cervantes


Anonymous said...

Hola! I'm writting you from León, Spain. I've found many useful resorces to improve my english surfing your blog, thank you so much. I was wondering if you were still interested about a language exchange, via email or can write me if you wish to and let me know.
Otra cosa, en
puedes encontrar muchísimas series en español (castellano y latino)gratis y no hace falta descargarlas (aunque también se pueden descargar)puedes verlas directamente (aunque sólo 72min al día)

Noemi said...

I really like your site, you share many useful information with people.
Thank you.
I'm also learning Spanish:)

Voices en Español said...

Yes, this is quite a comprehensive resource that they've put together. I think I heard about this around the same time on Twitter and wanted to do a blog entry about it but haven't gotten around to it yet.

I love having the videos so you can see the speaker and get even more of a feel for the person behind the voice. Also mighty nice that they have transcripts available for listeners.