Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spanish Language Podcast: "A mi aire"

First of all, I apologize for the long break. My paying job is working at a summer camp so summer is one of my busiest times of the year. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I can start writing blog posts on a semi-regular basis. (By the way, we have had three campers from Spain and one from Mexico, so I have been able to use my Spanish a little.)

I started listening to a new podcast (new to me at least) about a month ago and I must say I have really enjoyed it. It’s called Alicia: A mi aire and can be found at You can find past episodes here with links to entire transcripts and vocabulary used.

An overview from the site:
A mi aire es un podcast de Alicia para estudiantes de español a partir del nivel A2/B1. Alicia es el seudónimo utilizado por Paloma Bétrisey. Paloma tanto como Alicia es de Madrid y llegó a Zürich cuando las tiendas cerraban a las seis y media y los bares a las doce de la noche. ¡Qué tiempos aquellos! Alicia se acuerda de lo extraño que era para ella pasear por el centro de la ciudad a las siete con las tiendas cerradas y sin ver a nadie. Se preguntaba: "¿Dónde estará la gente?". Acababa de llegar de Madrid, una ciudad enorme, donde hay ruido y personas por todas partes. Su hermana Lucía se lo había dicho: "Alicia, te vas a Europa, allí no puedes comprar todo a última hora y tendrás que cenar a las siete, ¿eh?". "Ya lo sé, ya lo sé", le contestó ella entonces convencida, pero no fue tan fácil como ella pensaba al principio.
What makes this podcast different? Well, I find them engaging and truly interesting. She speaks clearly and a bit slower than normal, but not too much. And they’re free which is always a good thing.

The podcasts come out every two weeks. She is on a summer break, but it appears the podcasts will start up again in mid-August. Also, they offer podcasts in other languages such as English, German, French and Italian.


Andrew said...

That's a great little find, Karen, it's so hard to find Spanish video/audio online with Spanish subtitles/transcripts that I'm always so excited when I come across some, thanks for sharing that.

I'll be sure to tweet your post.


Karen said...

Thanks, Andrew.

geotopoi said...

Great tip Karen. I've been listening to these and have really been enjoying them

Marisa said...


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Un saludo.

Marisa said...


I recommend two pages with fun rhymes ideal for learning Spanish:


mariana bar said...

me encanta tu blog, me ha dado muchas ideas para mis clases
saludos desde Israel

Spanish NYC said...

Hi Karen, thank you for all the great work. You may listen and watch here our Spanish Audio and Video Podcasts