Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooking with your children… in Spanish

My older son loves to cook and I’m glad. I figure in a few years, I may be able to hand over the cooking duties to him. One can dream… image

I have found a couple of websites full of recipes in Spanish so that I can help him improve his cooking skills as well as his Spanish language skills.

You’ll find weekly menus, quick dinner recipes, recipes that you can do with your children and more.

Cocina facilisimo
Here readers contribute recipes to the site which are broken up into your typical categories – salads, sauces, desserts, etc.

Do you cook with your children? Which sites would you recommend?


Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing these! I just started using the website to watch cooking videos with my kids (2&3) and follow along and make the recipe. I put the video on my iPad so we can have it with us in the kitchen and pause it while we do the steps. I'm always looking for more ways to expose them to native speakers and this is really engaging for them seeing it is a video.

Karen said...

Nice! Love the video feature! Thank you for posting the link.

Selvin Reese said...

A great place for kids to not only learn Spanish but discover food from different countries.
Hope to see more videos and info, Muchas Gracias!!

Bego said...

I love Spanish cooking channel Canal Cocina. They have also an app for your iphone, where recipes are easily found and there are plenty of videos as well.

Kinder Latino said...

There are many activities that can be incorporated into your daily life when learning a new language. Learning Spanish while cooking is a wonderful idea!

If you would like hands on activities for learning Spanish, you can visit This site has activities in Spanish and English!!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the suggestions and comments.

Anonymous said...

Que buen idea. I am just now getting my 11 year old in the kitchen, and she is showing an interest is Spanish. This is a great way to incorporate learning to cook with learning Spanish. I am also a Spanish teacher, so this will be usefull in the classroom as well. Here is a site that looks like it has many recipes to choose from

Maurice said...

With my first child coming in a few months, I will for sure utilize this. I thinks kids should be exposed to different cultures to show them that the world isn't just America. Thanks for this!