Monday, July 18, 2011

Los misterios de Laura

Even though this series is probably not new to you, it’s new to me, so I thought I would post it here for those who didn’t know about it. Here’s a snippet from

Laura Lebrel tiene que compatibilizar sus labores de esposa, ama de casa y madre de dos gemelos de cinco años con su trabajo como inspectora de policía. Pero no es una inspectora cualquiera... No se basa en pruebas científicas, ni controla el análisis psicológico. Su arma es la intuición y el instinto, que la llevarán a desmontar la coartada más perfecta…

Even though I don’t normally watch this sort of programming I’m willing to watch in Spanish just to help with my listening comprehension.

Where to go:
About the series -
(To watch the individual shows, click on the capítulos tab.)


Andrew said...

Ah very cool, I love any sort of TV show or movie I can watch in Spanish, thanks for posting that.


Beth Manners said...

Love your blog! Did the same thing with my kids and now the are almost grown and fluent and loving it.
Would love to share - games, songs etc with you from my site Spanish For Kids. You can contact me through the site to discuss.