Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Working, family and now homeschooling

To say that I’ve been busy would be quite an understatement. As I’ve mentioned before I work at a summer camp which pretty much means I have little time for anything else. Luckily, I’ve actually been able to use my Spanish with a camper family from Madrid.

Speaking of which… I noticed the last few times I corresponded with the mother in Spanish, I found it to be a difficult task. I was doubting myself quite a bit and looking up more words than I should.

Family. Unlike some bloggers who write about learning languages, I just can’t pick up and travel to a Spanish-speaking country right now even though I really would like to. I need to work and look after my family. I wake up with the best intentions, but after a day at work, housework, family time, etc., I go to bed without doing anything in Spanish except to read or listen to part of a podcast during my commute to work.

And, that brings me back to this blog and why I started it in the first place over three years ago, but now with a bit of a twist. We’re going to start homeschooling in August. Over the past several years I’ve taught them some Spanish, but more structure will be necessary.

I’m currently searching for a curriculum for each (3rd and 7th grades), but so far, I haven’t been very satisfied with what I have seen. If or when I do find something, I will certainly write about it here. (And yes, I have thought about putting something together on my own.) I will also continue to write about resources for adult-learners.

So, that’s it. Just a quick update from me.


Kristin Duncan said...

I recommend using TPRS (storytelling) materials like Carol Gaab's Cuentame or Cuentame Mas (https://www.tprstorytelling.com/). If you want more information about the TPRS method, check out my page at http://tprs.missduncan.com

Karen said...

I certainly will. Thanks!

the Hommels said...

I am a homeschool mom since 2003, discovered TPRS in 2008, and published the Excelerate SPANISH curriculum for homeschoolers in 2011. Video lessons on DVD to accompany the books were just released this past spring (2013). DVD lessons feature comprehensible input via gestures (and English definitions), action sequences, and skits, and "circling" questions. Lesson books also include a reading selection for each lesson, and workbooks help to provide additional opportunities for students to interact with the vocabulary and structures. Please check it out: http://exceleratespanish.com/

DVDs are available separately if desired:

Please see Melanie Young's blog article for more information:


Other articles:



I hope that my work blesses your readers. Thank you!