Sunday, June 15, 2008

Parts of the body: songs and game

This evening the boys and I were having Mexican restaurant night at home. I pretended to be their waitress and spoke in Spanish pretty much the entire time and they played along as well. I put on the cd Animales y Movimiento by José-Luis Orozco in the background to add some extra authenticity.

As I was cooking, Juanito came on which reminded me that this is a terrific song for learning parts of the body. It's such a great tune that you can't help but dance to it. The first part goes like this:

Juanito cuando baila,
baila, baila, baila.
Juanito cuando baila,
baila con el dedito,
con el dedito, ito, ito.
Así baila Juanito.

Then it goes on to using other parts such as el pie, la rodilla, la mano, etc.

To build on the theme, play a game of Simón Dice:

Tócate la nariz.
Tócate la boca.
Tócate el pie...

And so on... once your students get the hang of it you could make the commands more difficult. (If speaking to more than one person, use tóquense.)

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