Thursday, June 12, 2008


My friend Graham made this for the Notes in Spanish forum. He's originally from Scotland, but lives in Wales. ¿Qué opinan uds?


Josh said...

Very nice! Neruda is an author that I need to read more of. I have read some of his poems here and there but would like to read more. Can you recommend one of his books?

On a site note...I noticed that you ahve El Pequeno Larousse Ilustrado 2008 on your resource store. I have the 2007 edition and love it! Have you seen the Firefly Visual Spanish Dictionary? That is another great resource.

Karen said...

I could ask Graham about Neruda books. Afraid I haven't read any.

I have the 2007 edition as well. Just yesterday I was looking through it - the La Tierra section. I haven't seen the Firefly one. I'll go take a look. :)