Thursday, July 3, 2008

A simple color game: La caza de los colores

Yesterday, we received a package from Bilingual Fun which contained a couple of dvds, some color beanbags, and other items. My younger son instantly liked the beanbags. We first played hot potato with them. Each time we tossed it, we had to say the color in Spanish. We did this for a while with all of ten of them.

Later on my older son had another idea of how to play with them. He suggested that we try to find something the same color as the bag. So, we lined them up on the couch and each of us picked one. Then we walked around the house hunting for things which matched the bag we were holding - el mismo color. For example, when he found a red book. El libro es rojo. Es el mismo color.

To make it more interesting, a couple of times we limited the searching to one room - la sala, la cocina, etc. Trying to find rosado in their room was a bit challenging though.

I was amazed at their enthusiasm over something so simple as a set of beanbags. We really had a lot of fun with them.

For more color fun visit these sites: and


Josh said...

You have so many great ideas for incorporating Spanish into play! Rather than just repeating the color of the bean bags, it sounds like your kids were able to link the colors to other objects and then describe them as being the same color. Bien hecho!

Karen said...

Shhh... don't tell them they were learning Spanish. LOL! Thanks! :)