Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spanish food

I'm going to reminisce a little... bear with me, por favor.

Many years ago, when I studied abroad in Spain (Zaragoza and Madrid), I don't recall eating one bad meal. It was all good - from the paella, tortillas, migas and everything in between. My host mother, María, created masterpieces in the little kitchen. Every single meal was delicious.

My most favorite? A mouth-watering tortilla stuffed inside a crusty bocadillo. Do you know where I ate it? Take a look at the photo in the upper left-hand side of the page. I sat on a sun-warmed boulder, eating that wonderful sandwich while looking at that view. I miss it. I miss Spain. For some reason, I've been missing it even more lately.

To help, un poco, I have been watching Made in Spain with José Andrés on PBS. I think it's wonderful that there is now a program that shows off the culinary treasures of Spain. My mouth waters pretty much everytime I watch it. On his site, I found another good site, called La Tienda. I received my first order today - chocolate de la taza, picos de aceite y rollitos. (Oh, make sure you read the story behind the site.)

Perhaps if I close my eyes, as I sip the chocolate, I might be able to imagine myself back in España... tal vez.


We are Little Amigos said...

Karen, I love Spanish food! I've never been to Spain (maybe one day), but there is a fabulous Spanish/Portugues restaurant in New Jersey that my family would always go to. I love it so much that I had my wedding reception there :)

Food, like music - is one of those things that engages many of your senses and so it makes a more powerful impression in the brain.

I love Spanish culture, their food, their music and of course flamenco dancing!!!!


Karen said...

Something I'll never forget is the generosity and kindness of the people I met while there. :)

lynedesroberts said...

I do agree! Nothing is better than Spanish food... give it to me any time and I won't complain!

It is unfortunate that restos w authentic Spanish dish are so rare to find... There are a couple of excellent one in Montréal, but in Ottawa: NADA!